NagaLoot is randomized adventurer part generated and stored on chain. Stats, images, and other functionality are intentionally omitted for others to interpret. Feel free to use NagaLoot in any way you want. Big surprises are coming soon!!

For those who want to buy Naga Genesis vol.2, you need to have Naga Loot that contain “GENESIS” word in Loot and follow the step below to eligible to claim Genesis NFT with 0.12 ETH price.

How to Claim Naga Loot step by step

  • Go to Naga Loot contract >> and connect your Metamask Wallet
  • Pick tokenId between 1 to 7777 and write down in claim function. It’s free to claim only gas fee that you have to pay but if Metamask show gas fee high than usual (>1 Matic) that’s mean that Loot’s tokenId already have an owner.
  • Check you item on OpenSea and feel free to sell or use your item in any way you want.

  • Tip: To check if your loot is used to claim Naga Genesis vol.2 or not, use buyGenesis function with Loot’s tokenId if it show true that’s mean this Loot have used to claim Naga Genesis vol.2 already. (In short, you need false to claim Genesis.)

How to Claim Naga Genesis vol.2 step by step

  • Hold Naga Loot that contain “GENESIS” word in Loot.
  • Go to Naga Discord >> and type !join to verifiy yourself. If you have Naga Loot, you will get Naga Loot Badge and see the secret text channel named “Naga Loot”.
  • Go to Naga Loot type !genesis and tag @team to claim your NFT
  • After purchasing process Naga team will send you the NFT you can check it on OpenSea

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