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Naga Live Stream! (August)

Meet Naga Team on Friday at 9PM GMT+7. What is our next step? (

Launch Naga Genesis Vol.1 (September)

On September 1, we are going live on OpenSea!! The first hold to earn NFT Token!

Start Naga’s Axie Scholarship Program (September)

The sale of Genesis Naga NFT will be used to create Naga’s Axie scholarship in order to help students who were affected by Covid-19, becoming a new way to make money that can be done at home without the risk of looking for extra work outside.

Launch Naga Genesis Vol.2 (September)

After Genesis Vol. 1 has sold. We’ll release a new edition of Naga NFT called Genesis Vol. 2 Edtion.

Presale Naga Token (September)

Naga Token will be released on Ethereum Chain and Polygon Chain.

Launch Swap and Farm on Polygon chain (October)

NagaFinance will release an Automated Market Maker (AMM), and the Exchange. NagaFinance is going to be the one of AMM on the Polygon Chain and supporting the NFT community as our core mission as well.

Launch Naga Family Edition (October)

The very cute and curated art collection makes for sweet profile pictures.

Monthly Exclusive NFT Kickoff (October)

Naga holders will have a chance to claim a limited edition, custom Naga NFT each month, there might even be collabs!

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