What is Blog NFT Hub? Get to know Naga and the goal to create value for articles using NFT

We are doing something that’s quite new. And it’s very specific. So we want to bring it out to be presented to be as easy to understand as possible Anyone who wants to know what we are doing.

1) What are we doing?

We are currently developing a Defi Platform called Naga.

Naga is a Blog NFT Hub, or NFT Platform, that allows writers to sell or publish their writing in NFT format.

Picture Kinokuniya book store, but it’s a blockchain-based version that you can just sit and read at the store. But if you want to own it, you have to pay to buy it back.

2) Why do people need to buy NFT Blog?

The same sentiment is why people have to buy Crypto Art. Like while we can view Mona Lisa pictures for free on the internet, but why so many people are willing to pay to go to Paris.

People don’t buy things, they buy feelings. NFT creators and NFT collector will understand.

3) What are the special strengths that Naga have and the others doesn’t?

For one thing, we were among the first to pioneer blog writing or articles on the Blockchain in NFT format, We will call it Blog NFT or BNFT.

What’s special about BNFT, in addition to showing ownership? We’ve also taken it a step further by using stakes for yield farming.

People who write articles and Mint it as BNFT will be able to farm them for profit. This concept is safer than farming with stable coins. It can be called 100% safe.

4) What is Naga’s Bussiness model?

Naga’s model is like a regular brokerage, We earns a 10% commission reward when BNFT are trade on Naga’s Marketplace.

which we will receive it as BNB and after We will use this income to buy Naga in the pool back and burn it to reduce supply in the ecosystem, resulting in productivity within the platform.

5) Does Naga have a Governance token?

Yes, of course. As mentioned, we have a stake in BNFT to reward article writers. Which we will give a Naga Token. There are 3 main methods of obtaining Naga:

  1. Buy NAGA in PancakeSwap
  2. Yield farming by provide liquidity of NAGA – BNB or stake NAGA in celestial pool
  3. Write articles, mint it as NFT and then stakes. (the article will be examined intensively)

6) How Naga token will be add?

Like most defi that have liquidity in AMM. NAGA will open a presale first, then put the acquired BNB as LP pair with NAGA in PancakeSwap and burn the LP to prevent the developer to do rug pull.

7) Potential of Naga Token

Every writer who wants to write articles on the Naga platform and mint it as NFT must hold NAGA at least 500 NAGA. This means that the more writers we have, the more people will hold NAGA.

In addition to that, the income that Naga generates from 10% commission or income from advertisements on the website, Including projects that will be done with other Defi in the future will be use to buy NAGA back and burn out of the system.

We will notice that NAGA’s demand increases with the number of writers on the platform. It is a repeatable and scalable business model that the same users will have to use repeatedly and expand the user base as long as writing blog is necessary.

8) When will this project launch?

We already open the testing on BSC Testnet. Anyone can follow the news and details via the contact channel on this page >> https://blog.naga.finance/contact/

I wish that this platform will help to be a part of contributing to society. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask us. Everyone’s opinions are important to help drive this project to success.

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