Naga Feature Summaries, The First Blog NFT Hub Platform on BSC

As many people know that the New Gen Defi team is already open the group members, including every followers, experimenting, creating a Blog NFT and Farm on the

Therefore, the team would like to summarize the feature on Naga. If any of you still do not know what Naga is and what it is about, try reading this article to pave your understanding.

The current feature on the Naga will be as follows:

$NAGA Token

The $NAGA Token is a BEP20 standard token. It will be used as a Utility Token and Governance Token intended to be use by various features on the Naga ecosystem and to be voted on for the development of the platform.

Initially, $NAGA will be distributed via Presale, with all BNB earned on the Presale will be placed on the LP on PancakeSwap. User can swap and farm through the web page

Blog NFT

The key feature that differentiates Naga from regular Defi is that articles are saved on the Blockchain and Mint as NFTs. Anyone can write articles on Naga with just a Metamask login and BNB for gas price.‌

Users can easily create their own NFT Blog by simply writing their own articles on the Add Post page. After submitting, you have to wait for admin approval before the article will appear on the page. and can be used to Mint as an NFT for further sale or auction on the Marketplace.

Yield Farming

In order to incentivize users to provide liquidity of NAGA – BNB, we have created a Farm for users to Earn NAGA Coins by provide LP NAGA-BNB, Stake NAGA and Hold BNFT Tokens.

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